All hobbies require complete attention of the person performing them and therefore drowns out all the distracting noise of a’ person’s life. This leads to a zen-like state of mind where a person can recover and enter into flow state better.

Hobbies require your full attention and drown out the needs of everyday life. What counts in a hobby is the freedom to choose it and by his or her enjoyment of it

It fills the gap of what is missing in a man’s life. If a man’s work is hectic, he may often choose to paint a quiet hobby that quiet. If a man’s work is boringly monotonous, he may choose something exciting or adventurous.

1) Most hobbies improve hand strength and dexterity –

Almost all men are taught to give a firm handshake as boys, so the value of a strong grasp is an intrinsic part of being a man. Whether your learning magic or free-climbing the side of a mountain, most hobbies will force you to use your hands. It is the act of using your hands in a way that you usually don’t that gives them a new range of motion and activates muscle groups that you regularly wouldn’t use.

2) Gives you something to look forward to

If you’ve ever had a tough day at work, then you know how important it is to unwind. The significant part about most hobbies is that you don’t need to rely on someone else to enjoy yourself.

3) Enhances your skills

A well-chosen hobby can improve what you already know. It lets you learn new skills without the pressure of being held accountable for them. You can play, and play is an essential part of learning and developing.

4) Gives you something to talk about

A double-edged sword at times but having active leisure activity gives you a topic you can talk about with other people. Often people will want to know what you like to do besides work. Because let’s be honest, who enjoys talking about work in their off-time besides stuffed shirts?

5) Helps introduce you to new people

You can meet up with people who are interested in your hobby. Whether this is through a group on meetup, facebook group, or some other congregation of people with similar interests. You all have one thing in common at least. Something that you are all interested in, so it is easy to strike up a conversation. From there, it is just a matter of finding out if you like the other person’s personality. Even if you don’t, as long as you don’t despise one another, you have made a connection.

6) A hobby keeps you out of trouble, maybe.

Unless you choose a hobby like drunk driving or illegal street racing, there is a good chance that your hobby could keep you out of trouble. By having something to do, you won’t find yourself doing things that are stupid to pass the time.

7) You could meet women while doing a hobby.

While not the purpose of a hobby, the opportunity exists to meet women while doing a hobby. Women have hobbies too. Not all women choose hobbies that are traditionally considered to be women’s hobbies like quilting. Some women prefer hobbies like kayaking. Even if a woman doesn’t have a hobby, she will be impressed by the fact that you are passionate about other than rooting for a sports team that you don’t do anything with.

8) Can improve your career.

There are a lot of employment questionnaires that give an area asking about hobbies and interests. This is because hobbies tell a little about a person’s personality. It can show what a person is interested in something that relates to a position. It will say to an employer that, possibly, in your leisure time that you are interested in something that will be in the realm of what a job entails. There is also a possibility that someone within the organization has the same interest, and you will immediately have the chance of having a friend there.

9) Improves your understanding of the world

Hobbies force you to learn something new. Even something as basic as flint knapping, beating on rocks to make arrowheads and other sharp instruments, will make you want to learn something new. You learn because you are interested and because it is play. You are forced to learn new skills to become better at your hobby. To absorb further information that might be relevant.

10) Could lead to a source of income

You might find that you have a real knack for your hobby. It may be that you can produce a product or

11) Could make you famous.

Let’s face it; there are a lot of people that have made their hobbies makes other people want to know a little more about them. With the proliferation of (insert place here) ’s got talent shows, the chance to become famous for puppeteering, comedy or some other form of performance art has increased a little. Some of the men we present men here that have made something incredible from their hobbies.

12) Alleviates stress and lets you enter a state of flow.

Studies have shown that having some form of hobby reduces stress and allows you to enter a state of flow. Flow is the state where you can focus more acutely on tasks placed in front of you. This will enable you to perform better and become a happier person.

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