I like tools that help make life easier, make doing a task faster and just work well in general. I was on the look out for a replacement to a wrench I had lost or had stolen, I don’t know which, when I saw the Wera Joker line of open end wrenches.

They look really cool. The metal in them seemed to be of a high quality and the fact that I own several Wera products that work incredibly well for the application that they are designed for made it seem like this would be a great addition.

This series boasted a feature that lets you lay a nut inside the wrench  to hold onto it as you maneuver it into place to begin threading it. I thought that was pretty damn awesome. They aren’t cheap wrenches so it took me a little while to pull the trigger on buying one.

In a few days I received the wrench and opening the box was one of the sexiest looking wrenches I had ever laid my eyes on. The lines were gorgeous, it has a color code so you can easily identify which size it is. It felt good in my hand. It is probably the few moments when I actually wanted to go to work just to try out the wrench.

The moment came when I needed it secure a nut to bolt. It was like taking the hottest girl home only to find out that she lays there like a dead fish. The motion of the wrench work was difficult. Even though it is one piece of steel there seemed to be some kind of trick to it like one of those self wratcheting wrenches, the kind I don’t like. The gap inside the wrench seemed to be too large and sloppy, making me afraid that I would round out the nut.

Alright I said maybe the nut holding feature works. It did, as long as the bolt is in a straight line perpendicular with the ground. If the bolt is sideways to the ground the nut just falls out. Not to mention the few times when I put it on the wrong side and the nut just fell to the floor while I expected it to stay in place. This was my fault though and not the fault of the wrench but still annoying.

The color code stayed on and is still visible after a period of time but it does get scratched and wore off.

At the end of the day I ended up buying another wrench to replace it because it just didn’t work well enough for my everyday use.

I was extremely disappointed in the performance of the wrench and hope that Wera will rework the wrench in the future to make it a better product. I can see the potential there it just isn’t realized in this iteration.

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