Dress sizes can be a sore subject for many women. Often, as a man, you
can feel like you’re treading on eggshells should the topic be brought up. The
world of dress sizes is both confusing and uncomfortable for men and women
alike, this is magnified ten-fold by the erratic sizing in many shops. Your
girlfriend, wife or mother may be one size in one store, and another in a
different one. So, it is no wonder that dress sizes cause so many problems.
This article will hopefully give you some sure-fire tips to figuring out the
dress sizes of the women in your life. Afterall, the saying goes, “Happy wife,
happy life.”

Picture this…

You’re sat outside the changing room in your wife’s favorite store. She
took in a boat load of clothes to try on, so you’ve been sat there for a long
time. You’re bored. But your day is only about to get worse when she emerges
from the changing room empty handed. None of the clothes she chose fitted her
and now she’s feeling a little bad about herself. How amazing would it be if
you could help her find clothes that you know will fit her?

What you need to know…

There are three main parts of the body to look at when thinking about
dress sizes. The bust, the waist and the hips. 
Simply speaking, the larger these body parts are, the larger the dress
size is.  Here is a simple chart to help
you out…

Now, remember that some women may like to dress is tighter, or baggier
clothes than others. So, a lot of dress sizing is down to personal choice. The
majority of models that you see around the shops, and one the internet, are a
size 2, or 4 at the most.  There is no
way to look at a woman and guess her dress size with absolute accuracy, I’m
sorry to say. But using the guidelines above, you should be able to make an
educated guess. And if you do choose to buy clothes for a woman, keep the
receipt, just in case!

It can be a really nice activity for you to offer to help your partner
measure herself and figure out her dress size. Obviously, this has to be
something you are both comfortable with. But it can be difficult to measure
yourself alone. Having someone there to help you can be great. If you do want
to help your partner with this, and I certainly hope you do, remember to
measure the breasts and hips at their fullest points, and the waist
approximately 2’’ above the belly button. Use the converter above then to
figure out the sizing. It is more than likely that she may measure different
sizes in each category. For example, she may be a size 10 in her bust and
waist, but a 14 in her hips. It is then about using common sense, and a best
fit approach, and maybe trying out a size in between, which in this instance
would be a 12.

You can always ask shop assistants for help too, if you don’t want to
involve the women in your life. They’re more than happy to help you figure it
out. Make sure you take a photo of your lady-friend with you to help give the
shop assistant some idea of what she’s working with. Believe me, you won’t be
the first person to have asked.

Top Tip

Often, if you’re buying clothes online for the women
in your life, the dress size of the model in the photographs will be included
in the information. This should give you a good frame of reference about the
size you need to order if you’re not sure.


How to tell a woman's dress size.


Body confidence…

Just a quick note for you guys to be aware of… A lot of women’s
self-confidence is linked to their dress size. It is a sensitive thing for some
women to speak about. So, whether your wife is a size 0, or a size 20, make
sure she feels beautiful throughout the clothes buying process. She will thank
you for it later!

In Summary…

Women’s dress sizes are a baffling topic for men and women alike. So,
don’t feel bad if it all feels a little alien to you. Remember to be kind to
the women in your life. All shapes and body sizes are beautiful! If in doubt,
ask for help. Use the measurements above to help you out and you won’t go too
far wrong. Good luck!

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