Bosch Bulldog the best corded hammer drill for the homeowner.

Have you ever walked outside and thought that you could burst into flames at any moment due to the heat? I have and it was under these conditions that I was forced to begin construction on a massive 100 foot (30 Meter) retaining wall. The plan was to lay cinder block and cover with stone veneer. The trick to having a retaining wall not collapse after a few years is that you must first dig and pour concrete footers that are below the frost line and wide enough to support the cinder blocks.

In my area this meant digging one foot deep (.3 Meters), 1.5 feet wide (.5 Meters) and like I already said 100 feet long (30 Meters) long into hard compacted clay. Clay that becomes a suction cup for shovel if wet and hard as rock if dry. The Soil of Satan as I have come to call it because if there is anything that is the work of the devil it is this kind of earth. With every swing of my pick axe I was pulling up about a third of an inch to .5 inch worth of ground. This was going to take forever and as the sweat burned my eyes I cursed loudly for the world and a couple of the neighbors kids to hear.

A backhoe would have been nice but the closest rental place with one wouldn’t have one available for a week. So I went to one of the big box stores to look for a solution. I bought a new shovel which did help. I thought about renting a jack hammer and when I was walking to go look at one I saw a grout  bit for the Bosch Bulldog that I own. I said what the hell and picked it up.

When I got back home I popped that bad boy, set the Bulldog to hammer and gave it a shot. I can tell you that I was surprised at how easy it was to use. The clay broke out into nice big cubes into the hole that I had already dug. A section of ground that had taken me an hour to dig out before came out in under two minutes now. While unorthodox use for this thing it certainly worked well for me.

Later I picked up a masonry/screw quick attachment that worked like a magic trick in securing masonry screws to the cinder blocks. I looked like a cave man seeing a television for the first time after the first screw went in.

Later I was able to use the chisel section of concrete that was overpoured onto the ground. I was even able to chip away pieces of cinder block to lay in the top rebar to give the wall extra strength quickly and accurately.

The only thing that I regretted is that when I went to mix the mortar I had wanted to try using the bulldog as a paddle mixer but there was no attachment at the store and the only store with a chuck adapter for it  was an hour drive away. So I ended up just buying a separate corded drill after burning out my cordless trying to mix mortar.

I had originally bought the thing after spending a couple of hours swinging a sledge hammer at a rebar reinforce 4 inch thick concrete pad. It worked fairly well at helping to break that piece up. It was still work but not back breaking work like it had been before.

The bulldog carries a pretty heavy price tag but if you’re a DIYer that does more than hang up doilies  the amount of time, energy and sanity you save makes it worth owning.

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